Thermal blocks

Build it like a LEGO. You don't need any glue or foam to fix them together.


Just pour concretne inside the blocks. Reinforced concrete makes the house very durable.

Yous house is ready

We can guarantee you a energy efficient house that lastas at least 125 years.

All elements from foundations to roofs

2 m elements for fast building

No glues or foams needed

Concrete thickness 150-150 mm

 No thermal bridges

No humidity or mold

You can choose between 3 different sizes


Super King Series

Passive house

U value 0,09 W/m²K
Thermal resistance10 m²K/W
Insulation thickness 30 cm
Element thickness 45 cm

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King Series

Energy efficient house

U value0,14 W/m²K
Thermal resistance6,66 m²K/W
Insulation thickness 20 cm
Element thickness 35 cm

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Standard Series

Standard house

U value 0,27 W/m²K
Thermal resistance 3,57 m²K/W
Insulation thickness 10 cm
Element thickness 25 cm

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Thermoplokk Passiivmaja Vundament


Passive house

U value0,13 W/m²K

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